Wednesday, 9 May 2012

11 Key Pieces.

Found this on my Tumblr blog, from A/W 11.

So i read in Grazia about the 11 pieces they feel should be key items this season. I’ve decided to do my own spin, vintage style.

1. Grazia says -Oversized Men’s Watch.
Instead - Oversized Jewellery, and lots of it. It’s definatly a ‘less is more’ trend, and i guess this is more personal choice. When it comes to accessorising vintage i do feel you should add lots of jewellery to complete a look.

2. Grazia says - White Jeans.
Instead - 1970s Levi’s Jean’s cut into shorts. Definatly a firm favourite at Gold Rush, and work so well during the summer with cute loafers, dressed up at night and with thick tights in winter. White Jeans are vile, unless your channeling George Micheal in the Wham! days (a strong look, thats a given).

3. Grazia says - Tailored Trench Coat.
Instead - a Moleskin or Fur coat. Vintage furs are ridiculously beautiful and no two are ever the same. I live in my Rabbit Fur coat during winter, it’s warm and makes an outfit.

4. Grazia says - LBD.
Instead - A 1940s Tea Dress. I know little black dresses are timeless, but i just think the cuts and tailoring in tea dresses are beautiful. If your as pale as me aswell, then you know that some black pieces can make you look like the walking undead, and sometimes colour is needed.

5. Grazia says -Aviators.
Instead - 1970s Tortoise shell framed rayban style. Just a little more individual chic, a little less C List celeb.

6. Grazia says -Turtle Neck Knits.
Instead - A Thick Grandad Knit. Go to your charity shops and raid the men’s section for some thick button down oversized cardigans. Definatly worth an investment, an oversized knit can pull an outfit together to create a ‘just got out of bed and threw this on’ look, and can even look good thrown over a jazzy night out outfit instead of taking a heavy jacket or coat.

7. Grazia says - Tailored Trousers.
Instead - High Waisted 80s Trousers. I own about 5 pairs, in bright jewel colours, tie-dye and peacock print. These style trousers define hips and create a more hourglass silhouette, whilst steering clear of the boring black-straight leg cut look.

8. Grazia says - Dark Jeans & a Tee.
Instead - anything else. I feel unless your a young teen, or an off duty supermodel, this look is a little tired, when there is so much vintage to play with, why look for an alternate for this?

9. Grazia says - Blazer.
Instead - Oversized Silk Shirts. Silk shirts add an extra texture to an outfit and come in loads of patterns and prints. Just beautifully cut to give a more playful alternative outfit.

10. Grazia says -Sexy Heels.
Instead - Platforms or Shoe Boots. If like me you hate the thought of tottering around on stilletos alnight, then definatly go for a chunky platform. Iif your wearing dresses from the 60’s and 70’s then give an extra boost with some thick black platforms or suede chunky heels.

11. Grazia says - Structured Handbag.
Instead - Saddle bags, or snakeskin bags. Saddle bags can fit a life in them, and snakeskins are beautiful for an evening bag. Again, very individual and personal choice.

Treasure Hunting.

Disregard the size labels in Vintage Garments: sizing has changed dramatically. Always try things on.
Do not be a label snob. Remember that many exquisite items have lost their labels over the years, unknown companies are still being discovered. Judge quality by construction, cut and fabric.
Check the stitching. Real Vintage pieces are better quality than contemporary counterparts as they were made before the days of mass production and machine finishes.
Factor in the price of Love. When viewing a piece, be aware of potential costs. A garment may require careful attention to be revived. People sometimes don’t realise the amount of care and effort needed to restitch a lining in a tattered jacket, or hemming a dress so it sits beautifully well.
Be Patient. You have to look through a lot of rubbish to find a treasure.