Friday, 14 December 2012

Alexander McQueen Sample Sale.

As part of my time at Alexander McQueen, I was able to work at the A/W Sample Sale. As I work in the Archives, I have been working towards the build up of the sale with my boss - sorting out the McQ pieces which have to be checked to see whats going into the sale, etc. I also worked at the venue with the Sample Sale with the wonderful Alex and Daniel sorting out the beautiful ballgowns for the sale.
The actual sale itself was mayhem - as I have said in my previous post being an intern is tough and I feel working at a Sample Sale can either make or break you. Obviously, the team who run the sale are there to make sure everything runs smoothly, so tempers can run high. I was working with the wonderful Andrea on accessories and jewellery - I found myself very overwhelmed throughout my first morning, as people were like magpies for the jewellery, and there were some very rude people - but it needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. I was responsible for restocking the jewellery and accessories, and making sure people didn't walk off with it. Obviously rings/necklaces/etc are small and can be easily swiped so I had to be extra vigilant when people were trying stuff on. What amazed me was how easily people were spending money, and after I'd gained some confidence I asked a few people how they had known about the sale (as its invite only) and if they had been before. A lot of people were students from CSM, and surrounding Unis, obviously with student loans, some very, very VERY rich people who could afford to splash out, and my favourite people - the ladies/gents who had saved up money over the months to buy only one or two pieces.
The days can be long on everyone, working 9am-9pm isn't nice but you just have to grin and suck it up, as its a great experience, and you get to see some beautiful clothes!
Actually going to sale is brilliant, as you can get some real bargins from them, even if you have a limited budget, its nice to treat yourself!
I'm not going to lie and say it was easy, there was points where I wanted to cry because of rude customers and the overcrowded atmosphere, but overall it was mental, in a good way. Especailly the daily Starbucks run!

The Sale rounded off my first 3 months at McQueen, and I am now back in Leicester for the Christmas season, for a much needed 'rest' - however I have found that I cannot rest and have been throwing myself into new tasks, I'm determined to learn a new language in the New Year, and I'm focusing on my Vintage Clothing Business on my days off (Jazzy Jeff's Junk can be found on Facebook). I'm itching to get back to London and the beautiful big city, but even more excited about getting back to the Archive with my wonderful boss and the gorgeous clothing.
And a massive congratulations to Sarah Burton, who received her OBE today!