Thursday, 28 June 2012

Fashion Show.

Backstage photo of my Collection, entitled 'Wir Liben' (We're Alive in German).

Photograph my Dad took of Me on the Catwalk last night at the Fashion Show. It was incredible having my friends and family there to see it.
It was an honour to be awarded the Outstanding Acheivement Award, and the Sustainable Fashion Award for the collection. I cried a lot, but mainly because its been the best two years of my life.
Hopefully, I will be able to continue working on pieces similar, and concentrate more on Jazzy Jeff's Junk Vintage. Also, with the talk of an Internship, and placement work, it's hopefully going to be a very bright future.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Derelict Photoshoot.

So last week I styled a photoshoot for Jazzy Jeff's Junk. It was marvellous weather, although we found it difficult to find a decent location.
Eventually, we opted for the burnt down factory near my college in central Leicester. The shots taken were incredible, take by Joe Vozza. I wanted the derelict buildings and muted colours of the wasteland to contrast with the brightness of the colours, and it worked so well. My models were my friends, Jess Butterfield, Zoe Sweeney & Alice Trice-Rolph (I was also in afew cheeky shots).


These are afew of my favourite shots, what do you think?