Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Life of an Alexander McQueen Intern - SO FAR!

Well, i'd definatly be lying if I said interning is a walk in the park. I'm currently working in the Archives of Alexander McQueen, which yes, is a personal dream come true - but it's not easy!
I've done about 2 and a half months so far, and I finish next week after the Sample Sale for Christmas.
When I started, I can honestly say I was terrified - for me, McQueen was not just a fashion designer, he was THE fashion designer, and its a true honour that I got the internship there!
Working in the Archives has been tiring, hard work but still its so much fun! Obviously, the archives contain all the collections, including the Fashion Shows, Pre and Comm collections, including Mens and McQ lines. Its a huge space, and It's incredible just looking through the collections, seeing both Lee and Sarah Burton's work. Occassionally, Studio need outfits for inspiration/reference so my duties include sourcing outfits from the vast collections, or from the Vintage clothing section (which is a personal favourite of mine, there are some real treasures in there!) which me or the other interns run over to the main HQ.
Occassionally us interns do have to do the errands, but it's not just making tea for everyone (which I'm sure is said a lot!), its incredible seeing all of this fashion history in one place, including all of the incredible shoes and accessories - I have tried the infamous Armadillo Shoes on, and they are incredibly comfortable, suprisingly!
Pulling outfits out for celebrities is a regular occurance, such as the glorious Naomi Campbell, however I am yet to meet the one and only Kate Moss - although if that ever did happen I'm sure I would collapse in starstruck awe and cry into the couture.
Next week, is the Sample Sale - something I'm incredibly excited about, but also scared stiff about! I can't wait to work in such a busy environment, and I'm honoured that its with McQueen.
I must admit, the commute from Leicester to London two days a week is hard work - getting up at 4am and sometimes not getting home till very late at night is exhausting and sometimes upsets me as I spend the rest of the week tired and not really up for anything, and the cost of travel is eating away at my very small savings, but you know what, I adore every second. I finish after the sale for Christmas, and then I'm going back in the New Year to gather some more experience!
If anyone was to ask about my interning - I would say think about it long and hard, because you might have to give a little more up to do so, but the outcome will be so worth it. It's a great experience and with a boss like mine, it can be hilarious!
Long Live McQueen.