Sunday, 26 May 2013

Smooth Styling: Leicester's Finest.

If your a true Leicester resident you will know about Kasbah Piercing & Tattoos on Silver Street. I first became familiar when I worked at Goldrush Vintage in Malcom Arcade around 3 years ago - Kasbah was situated opposite and since then, every piercing has been done by Charlie, and every tattoo by Che - and I shall continue to do so as long as i'm in Leicester!

Charlie and me bonded over a mutual love over Kasabian and mad clothes, and has been one of my closest friends ever since. He works SO hard at Kasbah (a family business) and also on his acting - and I am SO proud to say he debuted his role in HOLLYOAKS a few weeks ago! Part of the new Roscoe Family, he plays Freddie, and already has made a brilliant impression on every Hollyoaks fan I have met - he really deserves it, because bloody hell he has worked hard for it!

Now I work as a freelance stylist, i'm pretty chuffed to say that I've styled one of Leicester's finest - here's a snap from The British Soap Awards of Charlie (top right) and his on screen family. His suit is, of course, Alexander McQueen, styled with accessories from Jazzy Jeff's Junk. Hopefully he will keep me in mind for more of his appearances (well he best bloody do anyway)

And a little photo of me and him taken today in the glorious Leicester sunshine.
I'm wearing these American Apparel leggings to death at the moment, and teamed it with a handmade dress from Ksuko Clothing in Royal Arcade, Leicester.
If your a Hollyoaks fan (and even if you aren't) you can catch it on Channel 4/E4 every week day. Charlie is also featuring in the second Kick Ass film which is out this summer!
So proud of this guy.
LSF Charlie! Love H x

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

I.C LV in LC.

As most of you should know, Irregular Choice opened a store in Leicester in October 2012. I am lucky enough to work in the shop from time to time, and help run the facebook and twitter pages. I took some snaps last week for the page and finally I have the time to put them on here!

These are the beautiful Ali Ba Ba and Got The Hump limited edition heels - perfect for statement shoes, in gorgeous jewel colours. They have camels on. There is camels on these shoes, what more could you want from a pair of heels? The beautiful metallic on the boots would look great with an all black outfit, team them with gold jewellery and some sequins.
These are the beautiful Poetic License pumps, Anchors Away. I absolutely love the nautical theme, and these shoes add a cute retro look - I think they would look fantastic with a 1940s or 1950s tea dress and a bright red lipstick. The peach/grey/yellow palette gives a fresh twist on the classic nautical theme, and the cute boat charm adds that 'irregular' twist. Perfect for summer weather (whenever that happens).
I'm like a magpie when it comes to sequins and gold. This is a crazy neck collar piece that I am completely in love with. A decadent mix of beads and jewel colours, with a gold tassel. Reminds me of the Egyptian neck plates and all those beautiful glamorous necklaces worn by Cleopatra (real and Liz Taylor). I would love to make this a really trashy addition to an outfit - maybe to compliment a Versace style printed shirt? Or even a sheer blouse and gold disco pants? The possibility is endless. I understand this is not to most peoples taste but OH MY GOD I love it so much!
This is one of the recurring designs that Irregular Choice make - the Trinkletina shoe. Retro gingham fabric makes this shoe so cute! The Perspex heel gives the classic I.C look, whilst the bow and charms make it even more eye catching. There is also a matching bag, which would be perfect for a weekender as it holds EVERYTHING! I used to think matching your shoes and bag was incredibly tacky - however in this case I think tacky makes the outfit!
Finally, this is Dave the resident Tiger. Possibly the campest Tiger anyone will ever see - but makes an incredible talking point with customers and if anything makes me want to become a taxidermist.
All in a day.
Irregular Choice is located on the High Street, between Tinfish Shoes and Wellgosh.
If you've not visited yet, your missing out!

Intern Tips.

I've lost count how many times I've been asked how I got my internship at Alexander McQueen. Its pretty straight forward - I applied, got an interview and started. Pretty simple.
I get so frustrated with people saying 'well you don't deserve it' and various other nasty insults - at the end of the day, I've worked very hard to achieve what I have achieved and I believe everyone deserves the same, as long as they work hard for it.
Here is a couple of tips I swear by:

1. Confidence. Don't ever let anyone belittle you, don't take the insults to heart - in the industry there is a huge possibility that tempers are high because of overwhelming deadlines, fashion shows and press - everyone wants to create the defining moment. Its possible (believe me, I've been on the receiving end) that you will get snapped out, shouted at, vented at on a daily basis but just try to remember that you are there for a reason and you ARE helping out, its just that the brand/company want you to work your hardest for yours and their benefit. Be confident in yourself, smile and take it on the chin, I try and think that if I wasn't good enough I wouldn't be here. It's sometimes comforting to know that. If someone praises you, don't be cocky, be gracious.

2. Preparation. Research whoever you work for, get to know the ethos of the company and try and familiarize yourself with the past collections, press campaigns and collaborations. It helps in the long run, and also could help you in the interview, especially if your applying for something in the marketing/PR/archive areas. As an intern in the Archives of McQueen, I spent a lot of time with the past collections, and although I was passionate about McQueen beforehand, I spent evenings watching the show footage, researching the campaigns and themes to boost my knowledge when I was at work.

3. Stand Out. Make sure you are known - be happy and greet everyone (even if you don't get greeted back), offer to make tea or do a coffee run - its amazing how a coffee can cheer up the most tired of pattern cutters! No-one will remember the girl/guy who was quiet and shy in the corner, but they will remember the loud and bright one who rescued those long afternoons with coffee hits. I know making tea is an intern cliché, but someone has got to do it right? I love my clashing prints and bright colours - I don't think I could tone down that for anyone, and my tattoos were always on show - I got some great compliments and I'd like to think that it helped towards my confidence around the staff.

Apply for all the internships you like, and the ones your not keen on - even if you don't get the internship the application process and interview stage can help build skills and make you ready for your future - confidence is key, if you believe in yourself, others shall follow suit.