Tuesday, 25 September 2012

So yesterday was possibly the most nerve racking, emotional, and most amazing day of my life. I finally had my interview at Alexander McQueen, to be an intern in the Archives. I've been preparing for months, trying to keep myself calm, because lets face it - it's a huge deal.

I've worked so so hard on my degree, and have put 200% into every piece of work I do, and I can finally say that it's starting to pay off! The interview itself was not as bad as I thought it would be, and I got shown around the archives of one the greatest Fashion Houses in the world.

Getting to see key collections, couture pieces, custom made gowns was a dream come true. I even got to see my favourite collection, VOSS from S/S 2001, which was more lovely that I could ever imagine - the feathers, the intricate stitching and general beauty of the garments was incredible.

I can finally see a future coming together. I start in two weeks, i'm so excited!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Hometown Glory.

So, its that time of year when everyone is either going back to/starting university. I always feel a sense of emptiness when this happens - not because I shall miss the people going, but because I feel i've let myself down by choosing to stay in my hometown, Leicester.

Yes, i've chosen this myself and I should live with that, but sometimes I do wonder what life would be like if I'd accepted my place in either Manchester or London to study fashion. Although I am studying Fashion & Costume here in Leicester, the city itself lacks the glamour and excitement I feel I would have felt if I was in another city.

Although, Leicester, despite what some may think, is a beautiful city. Beautiful Victorian style buildings, Cathedrals & Churches and abandoned factories litter the area, making a distressed and interesting landscape. Many successful people have come from Leicester, including the incredible band Kasabian, who have done ridiculously well and can now consider themselves Rock GODS. Many students from the surrounding Universities & Colleges have had flourishing careers and achieved wonderful grades (I'd like to think myself included), showing that its not where you study, its how hard.

I've built some strong relationships, built a business, fell in and out of Love with the city countless times. Fallen out of Sophbeck at 7am, been glassed, been tattooed, been pierced, been bruised, but i'm at home, and i'm finally feeling OK about it. Maybe, in the future I will leave and go to a bigger, brighter city.

Overall, I guess i'm trying to say, is: Leicester, I Love You.

Stay Jazzy you Crazy Kittens!

H x