Monday, 9 July 2012

Alexander Goldbear.

Anyone who knows me knows how much i adore Alexander McQueen. And Haribo. So think how i felt when the two were combined!! A New York magazine, Twelv, have created a dress made entirely of Haribo Goldbears!

The magazine's Editor-in-Chief, Hissa Igarashi and Fashion Editor, Sayuri Marakumi, spent three weeks constructing the 220-pound dress for its debut issue- dedication to Fashion or what!
The dress was inspired by the late Alexander McQueen's dress which was dedicated to his dear friend Isabella Blow, who tragically commited suicide (I still haven't got over the loss of either of these brilliant minds).

Stay Jazzy you Crazy Kittens!

H x

Wir Liben

So, i've finally got a few more photos from my Fashion Show. It was SUCH an emotional week, but i spent most of it running off adrenaline and heaps of tea.
I was incredibly nervous walking down the catwalk, especailly because my beloved parents and best friends and boyfriend were there to see it on the finale night.

Every single nightmare, death threat, panic attack, blood, sweat and tear has been worth it though because i received a DDD* grade for my whole course
the Outstanding Acheivement Award
Sustainable Fashion Award!!

I cried ALOT when I was called on stage to collect my awards, my heart was in my throat and I was so overwhelmed I sobbed during my speech! It was the best end to my 2 years of this amazing course.

Because of this course, I finally found something I adore, and I have places at both Manchester and London Universities, but I'm not going until next year as I am planning to spend time in America travelling around the different states. Also, I'm having a brilliant time with Jazzy Jeff's Junk right now, and I don't think I can part with all my stock!