Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Minimal Colour, Maximum Success.

It's rare to see a unique brand in such a small city like ours - I can only imagine how hard it is for designers to establish themselves within the industry and when based in a city that seems to only cater for the masses (Topshop and River Island dominate the only shopping centre), its incredible to see someone achieve success with their own designs. I absolutely adore Ksuko, which is based in Royal Arcade just off the High Street. I have the pleasure of counting Ria, the owner and creator of all the clothes in Ksuko as a close friend, and her pieces are fantastic.
Each design is completely handmade, from hand picked fabrics which Ria sources herself from various locations - the fabrics range from hand printed delicate silk, to grungey leather and PVC, and are stitched by Ria, each piece is unique - I have never seen her repeat a design or style, and each piece seems to outdo the last. I used to live in crazy prints and bright colours, but I have fallen in love with moody navy hues and black, and would like to think its all thanks to some of the pieces I have purchased from the shop.

I had the privilege of working for Ria last weekend, and took a couple of snaps whilst I was there. the layout compliments the garments perfectly - metal scaffolding poles act as the rails, whilst there is gorgeous stone work on the floor to add a harshness to the soft white walls.

I of course had to try a couple of pieces whilst i was there - this beautiful fur trimmed coat is light weight and has deep pockets, making it perfect for wearing with a night out and throughout autumn. I also fell in love with this clutch bag, which is a mix of soft leathers and suede, and would be a great investment piece - an oversized clutch is something that never goes out of style. And as I have previously said, each piece is handmade and one off, so these are extra special and you would never have to worry about someone else having the same outfit! There is also various jewellery pieces which have a gorgeous Japanese influence.
I adore Ria, I have so much respect for everything she does - she creates some amazing pieces and has worked hard to established herself in our fair city. She is also the proud owner/mummy to this cheeky little devil - Rumer, the French Bulldog.
If you ever do visit Leicester, take time out to explore the boutiques and independent shops outside the Highcross Shopping Centre - and make sure you take time to visit Ksuko in Royal Arcade. 


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