Thursday, 25 July 2013

Overly Ambitious.


Having a very dreamy week this week - I had a long weekend in Whitby, North Yorkshire with Jazzy Jeff's Junk at The Great Seaside Vintage Fair and have been back working at Irregular Choice all week, and have spent this afternoon (after being tattooed) doing some internet window shopping, heres my ambitious wish list:

I bloody love a good kimono or cape. This gorgeous floral printed one is by Alexander McQueen, and is silk - I can only imagine the movement and softness of the fabric! Would look fantastic belted, teamed with black leggings (possibly the trusty American Apparel ones I live in) and this incredible Idriss Guelai Atelier bustier - almost plastic looking, with quite a harsh exterior - would clash perfectly against the soft silk (Although at over £1,000 I think its a little too out of my price range). It reminds me of the bondage trend which Louis Vuitton did so well a few seasons ago (who could forget Kate Moss striding down the catwalk smoking in those hooker boots?)
I recently purchased the most amazing tapestry buffalo platforms from ASOS, but spotted these 'Hyper' platforms online and fell in love! A snip at £75, they echo the grungey yet indie look of Jeffery Campbell but for a fraction of the price! The chunky wedge adds a harder look to the overall shoe, and would add a great twist to an otherwise 'regular' outfit.
Finally, these Susan Caplan Vintage Chanel earrings are just precious - what self confessed fashion lover wouldn't want some vintage Chanel in their wardrobe? I especially love the droplet style of these pieces, its almost like gold coins from the streets of Paris, but with a posh French twist.

My theory is, its better to be overly ambitious than just settling for whatever happens, so hopefully one day all of these beautiful pieces (As well as many more) shall be being worn by me, strutting down Leicester high street.
Keep dreaming Harriet...

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